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FunkWhois - Free PHP Whois Lookup Script


FunkWhois - [Demo] - [Download]
FunkWhois - A 'whois' domain lookup tool. Can be configured for single tld or multiple tld look up. Can display the owners details for domains already registered and has the option to link to your registration script, should you have one, to register domains that are available. TLD look-ups that are not already configured can very easily be added. Asimple add-on script to send you emails of requested domains can be downloaded HERE
For a list of additional TLDs that can be added see the FunkWhois support pages HERE

V1.6 - Release date 26 December 2013

What's new
Added - Port error warnings
Fixed - Some 'self' calls were not working correctly
Fixed - PHP 'eregi' deprecated

V1.5 - Release date 25 February 2011

What's new
Added - Option to not display the pull down tld list and to display the results for all the tlds in the config file

V1.4 - Release date 11 December 2010

What's new
Added - Characters for .NO (Norway) tlds
Added - Removes any TLDs that have been entered on the input line
Added - whois_lang file so that all text can be translated easily
Added - IP address can be banned
Added - Unwanted referers can be banned
Altered - POST calls to $PHP_SELF so that script can be renamed
Altered - short open tags changed to long open tags


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